Gutfeeling Records | Munich

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Gutfeeling Records
Maistraße 1
80337 München

Tel. 089-51702483

Opening hours:

MON – THU:13:00 – 18:00

Owner: Andreas Staebler

Established: 1993

Genres / About the shop:

Gutfeeling is not only a record store but a label too. It is putting out a good variation of local bands of different musical styles. Besides their own releases they are selling a selection of second hand vinyl at the store which is open Monday through Thursday in the afternoon. I get the impression that the place is always closed, and I am not the only one, but maybe I just come by at the wrong hours. Yes, the shop is tiny, but filled with hand-picked new and secondhand vinyl. Andreas knows a lot about punk rock, Hank Williams, Cuban, Bavarian and Rembetika music, about Bob Log III and brass music. He plays in different bands: G-Rag y Los Hermanos Patchekos, Dos Hermanos and Landlergschwister. They are all legendary live bands, and if you’re lucky, they are playing at night somewhere in or around Munich. Something you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Gutfeeling is carrying Independent, Jazz, Blues, Global Beats etc.