33rpm Store | Berlin

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33rpm Store
Wrangelstraße 95
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg


Owner: Adem Mahmutoglu


Opening hours:
WED: 14.00-19.00
THU-FR: 12.00-19.00
SAT: 11.00-15.00

Genres / About the shop:

Spend any time in Berlin and you’ll quickly learn that while the city is split into boroughs, it’s the Kiez which really defines each community. Short-hand for a collection of streets in a local area served by a number of local bars, grocers and restaurants, this kiez has its own record shop, run by the affable Adem. Small, friendly and deeply eclectic it’s one of the most pleasant places to buy records in the city, akin to getting a fine wool suit fitted by your tailor. If you are into electronic music, Jazz, Indie, Dub, Funk, Soul & Punkrock, make sure to pay a visit and have a drink in the café next door.

How to get there:

U1 Schlesisches Tor

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