Oldie – zeitlos Records | Giessen

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Oldie- zeitlos musik
Ludwigstr. 42
35390 Gießen

Tel: +49 (0)641 78 806 ‎

Owner: Wolfgang

Opening hours:
MON-FR: 10.30-12.30 | 14.00-18.00
SAT: 10.00-13.00

Matter of luck…You should call first!

Genre: Rock&Pop, Krautrock, Independent, Funk, Soul, Metal, Beat etc.

Probably 999.999.999 records in a single shop! You have to become an acrobatic not to fall on your knees while you try to get to a specific Vinyl section. This is a true paradise for vinyl lovers and this is also the place where you can find this particular Smith 12” you’ve been looking for years. A hidden place in a backyard aside a Pizza deliverer. I almost ran into the singer of the German punk band “Boxhamsters” there. The owner is a fine person and a mine of information. I stumbled across a lot of Krautrock rarities here and left quite a fortune in the shop. Wolfgang has seen them all: Can, Frumpy, Eloy etc. and it’s pure fun to listen to his anecdotes. Cash only.