Andrä CD/LP Markt | Münster

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Andrä Münster CD/LP Markt
Verspoel 21
48143 Münster

Tel. +49 251-48 29 01 0

Opening hours:

MON-SAT: 10.00-20.00

Genres / About the shop:

Pop& Rock, Jazz, Classical etc. Andrä has subs in Dortmund, Duisburg and Essen, too. 300 m² / 50.000 items (CDs, LPs, DVDs). I tend to say that they stock 90% CDs vs 10% Vinyl. Hence, if you dig CDs as well, you might have fun browsing through their inventory. “ELPI“ and “Das Ohr“ have closed their stores so this is one of the two remaining records shops in Münster.