In case you were wondering…

My name is Nils and I am addicted to vinyl. I grew up with a passion for music ever since I was capable of keeping a rhythm. So naturally, I was always exploring for new music. Thanks to my parents and a neighbor, I got into music at a really young age. I was 9 when I bought “Black Celebration” from Depeche Mode if I recall correctly (it might well be that the record was given to me due to small pocket money).I definitely grew up in an eclectic household. My mom was into Tina Turner. My dad was mostly into local jazz and classical music.

My collection now is pretty all over the place. I like a lot of different genres and I pretty much just buy albums I really like and also vinyl records with appealing cover artwork. I have amassed almost 4,000 records and I am really thankful to have such a wonderful wife and children who support my obsession. God bless their patient souls. My priorities have definitely changed since I have an own family, but it’s definitely in me. Over the last two years I am really into ambient music and try to dig deeper into this exciting genre.

I do have a white whale that I am constantly chasing, but it’s hard to add it to my collection. I am talking about the Library Edition of June of 44’s “Engine takes to the water” album (Quarterstick Records ‎– QS32LP). Get in touch if you have this one in your collection and we’ll shape a nice deal for the both of us (exchanging records; I am also willing to pay a decent price) 😉

I hope to keep collecting as much as time and funds permit me over the years. I’ve slowed it down some now and have been focusing on some rarer items like original albums of Arthur Russell for instance, but I definitely don’t see myself slowing down on it completely. Why should I?